What we are doing with our lectures on DVD's

January 30, 2011
We will have the whole book of Luke available soon on CD's & DVD's Praise God for blessing this ministry in doing this. Pastor Lynard Brock has personally handled every aspect of it all the way through. He will be working on a list f his work or material and he takes pride in Luke being the first one on the list. He started having his first day of Church services on Dec. 5th, 2010 For inf contact Pastor Brock at 731-658-5157 oe email at pastorlynard@gmail.com he is also on FaceBook as PastorLynardBrock Get involved, Blessings in his name Yahshua Messiah. Amen.

DVD Offers for donations

December 11, 2010
We record our Sunday teachings on DVD's and make them available to anyone for a gift offering of any amount, or Just the cost of shipping and making the DVD's. If interested call me at 731-659-1230 or 731-658-5157 or you can send a check to Messiah's Spiritual Body 1335 Enon Ln. Bolivar, Tn. 38008. You can make a drop off a donation at any Regions Bank in Tennessee for Messiah's Spiritual Body. These DVD's are indepth and can used as a teaching tool in your Church or Home, Bible Study Class o...
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